Due to the comprehensiveness of China’s “reform and open” policies, economics plays an increasingly important role in the development of its global position. Though more and more companies buil/ & )t, managl k s u Y 8ement of companies cannot c] B C a N Ratch up with the development of the companies. Management is a burgeoning field in China, so I hope I can acquire more modern knowledge on management in England.

  The roots of my strong interest in business can be traced back to my childhoodx a 6 4. My father was among the first of China’s new breed of modern entrepreneurs. As a young girl, it war M W _ h ^ * Fs inspirational hearing about his busi– 8 | | X Nness ventures, and meeting the varied and interesting circle of entrepret Z 0neurs. My mother was also involved in business as an accountant, helping him with simple calculations. And so it was early in my lifeX G e ! / { that I hoped I, also, would someday be able to enter the realm of business.

  With the time of growing up, I preferred reading books to satisfy my curiosity. I never ceased to contemplate over the questions I encountered. S9 Z O R L X /ubjects on business and management became a special fascination to me and my knowledge of psychology as well as interest in this field was increasing rapidly.

  As a high school stuZ D & V 9 e @ pdent in China, I had to concentrate on the College Entrance Examination (CEE), even so, books not related to the exams were never excluded from my life. Unfortunately when sitting in the exam in June, 2001, I was so nervous that I didn’t score well in the CEE exam. I enrolled in the department of Computer Science in Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Any attempt to persuade myself to focus on my major turned out to be a failure at the beginning of my college life. After several teZ = { @ m Lrms, I realized that I would never be interested in being a programmer or an engineer. At that moment, I lost my direction and objectives.

  My persistence in reading saved me from the dark situation. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed reading the books included Encyclopedia American, and som3 r 1 Z /e books about management by Peter ker. I beg} B ^ A }an to notice something interestZ } 9ing: Why some companies can produce more than others? Why some company can sell more than others? Why some companies can build up but others cannot when facing the same difficulties?

  With the questions in my mind, I started to read many relevant books. I was lucky to read the book “Jack: Straight from the Gut”by Jack Welch, in Which John A. Byrne makes a clear illustration that the management is important for a company. When I was a junior, I ran a bookshop by myself near my school. I should manage not only the finan# ^ Q H X y F x zce in the shop but also the employees in my shop even made some strategies to enlarge the business in my shop to hold on the run the shop. From this, my interpersonal skills and the capacity in business h( 5 $ w V vas been greatly developed, definitely I was increasingly interested in what I was do; ; jing. By December, 2003, I had finally determined to take business management as my career instead of IT. To accumulate more relevant knowledge, I strived to gain more practical work experience in some big companies.

  ForK K C + i {tunately, as a senior, I began by conducting an internship in the Architecture Company in Zhejiang Province. Over six months, I worked as an assistant of the manager to harmonize the relationship between the different departments in this company and to draft some management system, which broadened my perspective of management conditions and business performance in different industries. The experience showed me that management is much more important than that of I thought in big companies.{ L Y K } d S After graduation, I continued my work in this company. In May, 2005, the company offered me an opportunity to participate in an training program% & 4 held by a famous management school. ThroughX a # Y o ! { – * in-depth discussions with teachers and students in the classes, they all encouraged me to pursue my future career in management field because of my intellectual ability and the brand new ideas I mentioned.

  During the short period of training, I realized that6 d A Z d Y z pursuing a higher degree in management is a wise choice for me now. Lancaster, with its excellence in management, represents the perfect fit for my needs. In your challenging environment, I can build the required foundation of knowledge related to management to achieve my goals. I am firmly convinced that your admission will be my first step of success. With this in mind, I hereby submit my application, and await your favorable reply.




  日本はアジアの强国と言えます。経済や教育など各方面でk Y bも进んでいます。装饰デザインの方で日本の伝统的な畳式の住宅も简洁で世界でも知られています。日本の现代的な建筑は装饰の方で素晴らしくて新しい时代の雰囲気がたっぷりです。



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