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  I live in Pakistan-a country destroying itself with bombs,guns and governments blabber to find justifX n c N wications for what it is going through;a country where a former president is murdered in public,where the nation's constitution and parliament are suspended at the same time,and whe| p # B S + } d qre the voice of a common man is unheard.

  Since the last few years, I had aspired to become a idea of scalpels opened chests and sutures had always intrigued then it happened!The recent unprecedented evU 0 s ; b U w 2ents in my country wiped off the dust of disillusionment from my eyes;I lost my will to become a ver,t@ { 5 ; y A p Uhe turmoil in the country led me towards newspapers and news channels,and hence Politics.

  As I involved myself into politics,I realized that it is all-embracive-wielding its way over social and economic life-it is the omnipotent of can mobilize public opinion,gear up propaganda machinery,make or repeal laws and what ed up by public opinion,supported by the majority oF n q / g $ rf the legislators,armed with the means to keep the people in a state of ignorance,political power crosses the limits of dictatorial tical power,% K W T Alike the most powerful intoxicant,makes the persons in power to forget social ethics,po} w j a L .litical morality and obli! n Igations.

  Most of the learned youth in this country considX $ , u w Ger Politics to be a refuge for the sco0 O b ! 3undrels and this derogatory remark may be true if we look at the deceptive and degenerated type of politil O { a % ~cians 7 o @ indulging in a dirty game. All these political parties are votaries of democracy,but the way they conduct themselves inside their own parties is nothing but senseless efore a very few students choose to pursue Politics as a profession,but what they don't realize is that if we don't take a stand the system can never be ,I want to study Politics so I can come back to my country an- = = r / % Xd contribute what little I can do for my homeland and its I can inspire even a single person,it would be worth world today is growing are now notd W l Y only to think of our own nation but as and when we think of it,we have to keep the international perception in mind;consequently,I chose Politics with International Relations as one of my courses.

  Studying in UK will breed a sense of individ_ A 2uality and self reliance.I would be able to interact with people from everywhere and get to know about their would not only open new horizons for me,but would also clear some preconceived notions one has about the other.I have always been an active particix e , apant of debates.I have participated in 3 Model UN confer0 d l x [ =ences out of which I was awarded with the Best Delegate award in two. I was also one of the two students to be selected from my school to participate in the English Speaking Union over, I've taken part in Parliamentary style debates efore I believe I can communicate effectively in public and language will not be a barrier i7 A On my hermore, I have worked asD z f | an internee at Al-Shifa Eye Hospital for a month in I learnt how to deal with patients,use the Auto Ref, handle files and also campaigned to a remote area near Murree where we helped the doctors in examinI 9 h , R 5 ; ding the patients

  free of her experience which taught me a lot was when me and my fe? a _ ! lllow colj 8 Oleagues volunteered to paint walls for the SOS Children's addition,I worked with SUNGI (NGO) whed z ! d kre a group of 5 of us had to organize an event to pay tribute to 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  I enjoy Literature,especially the works of Shakespeare,Tennessee Williams,Thomas Harh C 1 x Pdy and Andrew Marvell.I'd be delighted to study in a challenging atmosphere where I can focus on my studies.I commit to my work and my ability to think out of the box,keenness for Politics and my perception of things,I understand,1 T T R 3 ~ )gives me an edge over others.I believe in myself,and if p( x E erovided with an opportunity,I'd make the university proud.





  很多同学在申请英国大学时,花很多时间在雅思准备和学校专业的选择上,从而忽略了文书的写作,其实这是一种错误的方式。由于每个申请者的性格特点、{ Y G {个人能力、学习动机乃至职业规划都不相同,而这些可以展示自己个性的申请材料,往往只能通过申请人的申请文书展现出来,如果这个也被忽略了,那么你成功的几率还有多大呢?


  英国留学申请文书中的个人陈述是申请者发挥自身才华机会,针对自己要申请t j [ q a r 4的专业,写一篇有针对性的介绍自己的文章。



  这部分着重写对专业的兴趣,在CV当中我们已经简单陈述了自己的兴趣是什么,那么在PS中就应该陈述你的兴趣来# n 8 )源,比如为什么对申请专业感兴趣,是通过什么事情使S n L $ e [ V你对申请的专业感兴趣。究竟是受家庭的影响,还是因为某一件特殊事件的启发,以及对专业的简单认识。



  大学期间的学习表现、排名、学习背景、做过的项目及社会实践活动、p 7 I 6 m S D ! V获得的奖励及荣誉证书。除了` u u -陈述做了什么之外,还需要写明具体是怎么做的及从中获得的成长。针对有工作经验的申请人则需要特别突出说明与申请专业相关的工作经历及取得的成就。






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